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ATHENA Connections

This event was hosted by Grand Valley State University Women’s Center and I had an amazing opportunity to listen to an ATHENA Award recipient who shared her professional and personal journey of leadership. Following her presentation, we had an opportunity to discuss issues with professors and staff from campus. The speaker was excellent in telling her story about success and how to achieve exactly what she achieved, and she was exceptional in motivating others to get active in their society and try to make social change.

So What?
This speaker was the epitome of all that I have learned while attending GVSU. She inspired and encouraged all of us to be leaders- to be catalyst in creating social change. The speaker introduced each of the ATHENA Leadership principles in personal ways through sharing her journey. This allowed me to evaluate my leadership journey, to affirm leadership as a process instead of a position. As other undergraduate women and men students shared their perspectives of leadership, we recognized uniqueness in defining our own values and beliefs around leadership.

Now What?
Through this event, I see myself as a leader. I recognize the work that I do as a volunteer, student, and engaged community member is leadership.The speaker at this event challenged me to see myself in a new way and encouraged me to take risks as necessary steps to personal and professional growth. I continuously seek events and programs where I can learn new tools, resources and information that make me a better leader. I never realized networking with peers, faculty, staff, and community members would teach me so much about myself.