GOAL: Approach new leadership opportunities to diversify my experiences, leadership skills set, and interactions with others.

MECHANISM: By participating in Leadership University this year, I will be encouraged to attend programs hosted by different departments on campus as part of the protocol.

MEASURE: My Leadership University stats page will help me visualize the types of leadership experiences that I will participated in and also areas that I still need to explore.

GOAL: Increase my participation in service-learning programs and give back to others more.

MECHANISM: Participate in events hosted by the Community Service Learning Center and volunteer on a regular basis.

MEASURE: I will aim to participate in either the on-going service-learning events or  the event specific opportunities at least once a month. I will also attempt to encourage at least one friend to also sign up for each service opportunity to help build an engaged community.

GOAL (long term): Graduate from college and to obtain a career that will help me improve the lives of others, and also aim towards obtaining a master’s degree (I can better define this once I know what Louie’s major is).

MECHANISM: Utilize the opportunities that the Career Services office offers and also seek advice from faculty mentors.

MEASURE: Attend at least one Career Services event per semester to ensure that my portfolio and resume stay current. Seek information about graduate programs that I am interested in from the Admissions Office.


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