About Me.

Thank you for visiting my online portfolio! My name is Louie, and I am a student at Grand Valley State University. I was born in Allendale, Michigan and am proud to call West Michigan my home. Since coming to college I have committed myself to lifelong learning, developing myself as student leader, and making connections on campus inside and outside of the classroom.

My interests include supporting GVSU athletic teams with friends, meeting new people through various student organizations that I am a part of, and also helping new student transition to campus. My on-campus job at the 20/20 information desk has helped me gain an in depth knowledge of the resources available to student, staff, and faculty and has also helped develop new approaches to communicating with others.

I have grown tremendously since attending college by being exposed to new ideas and the opinions of other classmates and faculty, and also through interactions and relationships with others as a student leader. I have learned that often times, situations that initially present themselves as challenges prove to be opportunities for meaningful personal development.

My positive outlook on life is motivated by my supportive friends and family, commitment to constant self improvement, and also several influential role models that I have met since coming to campus. Ever since my mentor shared with me the quote; “if better is possible, good is not enough”, I have committed to making the most out of every opportunity.


One response to “About Me.

  1. Jesi: This is excellent, excellent work. I’m blown away by how polished this is already looking!

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